Blessing A Weapon

In lieu of recent events over recent years I have become more and more aware of the importance of being able to defend one self. As is the laws of nature, all living being have a right to defend their lives and this is something Pagans have long embraced. But another thing I have noticed is a large oversight by modern Paganism to place any focus on weapons beyond historical reenactments. With just a few minutes of research one can easily find spells, incantations and potions used to bless anything and everything for luck, protection and safety... except weapons. Blessing weapons was a very time honored tradition for eons but is now all but forgotten to today's generation. So here is the ritual my coven uses to bless our weapons for self defense.

This ritual is best performed on the waning Moon

       White Candle
       Cup Of Water
       Bowl Of Salt
       Piece Of Copper (A penny will due)
       Consecration oil for the lustral Bath

Before you begin: If the weapon is a firearm, remove the magazine and open the bolt to ensure the chamber is cleared.

Set up the Altar with a Black Candle to the left and a White Candle to the right. Place any effigies of the Lady and Lord in the center and rear of the Altar. In the center front of the Altar place the piece of copper on top of the magnet. Surrounding the Magnet and Copper, place the following items in a crescent path, a bowl of Salt, a bowl of Water, a White Candle anointed with consecration oil and a censer of Frankincense. Place the weapon to be blessed to the left of the Altar. Place a clean cloth on the right of the altar.

Remove all jewelry that has not been previously consecrated. Bath in warm water. Wash using an herb bag filled with salt and the consecration oil. Remove any makeup as well. As you bath meditate by taking deep breaths and clear your mind. Focus on your intentions and dedication. When you are finished, dry off and don any previously consecrated ritual clothing. If no ritual clothing has been consecrated or none are intended of being used then remain skyclad. Return to the ritual space.

The Ritual:

Light the Altar candles and any others being used for lighting. Also light the incense.

Beginning in the East walk deosil around the circle. As you travel draw a line on the floor with you projecting hand. Continue until you have made a complete circle. Return to the Altar and raise your hands to the sky.

"I consecrate this space in the name of the Lady and Lord. Here may they aid me in my work."

Place the weapon on the Pentacle and hold your hands over it.

"I am the owner of this weapon. From this day forth until I pass it on to the next may it serve only me in protection against harm."

Pick the weapon up and with a kiss, clutch it to your heart. Dip a finger into the water and anoint the weapon.

"I consecrate this weapon with Water to cleans it of all negative energies.

Pass the weapon three times over the White candle.

"I consecrate this weapon with Fire, to help me find the courage of conviction against all threats."

Wave the weapon through the incense smoke.

"I consecrate this weapon with Air. May the will of the Lady and Lord aid its aim to be true, that it shall never strike the innocent"

Sprinkle a pinch of Salt on the weapon.

"I consecrate this weapon with Earth to ground it. May it ever reside in the restful slumber of its sheath, only to be awoken in my time of need."

Set the weapon on top of the Copper and Magnet.

"I consecrate this weapon with the power of Charge and Magnetism. Ever will I be responsible for this weapon. My action within are also my actions without. I shall give this weapon my fullest respect. for if I do not, I will cause harm and bring shame upon myself, my house and my faith."

Take up the weapon and with a kiss hold it high. If you have chosen a name for your weapon, you may declair it at this time.

"I invoke you by the Old Ones, by the Lady and Lord, by the celestial bodies of the universe that ever shall I walk with peace and security. As I will it, so mote it be."

Wipe the item clean and lay it back on the Altar.

After completion close the area by walking completely around the circle widdershins starting in the East and with your receiving hand, retract the drawn circle while reciting:

"I thank the Lady and Lord for their guidance in my rite."

The ritual is complete. Be sure to return the weapon to its proper storage.