The List Of Pagan & Witchcraft Friendly Movies

Being a horror movie buff and a Witch can at many times be downright conflicting. A lot of the time I just sit back and enjoy the flick but it's so hard to escape the war on Paganism that Hollywood has been waging since the first studio was funded. And it isn't just in the horror genre. Disney was the original front runner of this war since their first motion picture Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. But it was MGM's The Wizard Of Oz that first portrayed a Witch in a positive light with Glinda, the Good Witch of the North(originally South). Unfortunately no such character was to be seen on screens for at least a decade.

But in recent years Witches and Paganism in general have started to come out as positive figure instead of being portrayed as evildoers. And in the midst of a christian attack on Hollywood because of recent realistic and historic portrayals of christians in movies like "The Mist" and "Red Riding Hood", and how they are claiming persecution when their more evil nature is given a light for once, I feel a list compiled of movies that portray Pagans in a more honest, truthful and positive manner is in order. I will be adding to this list as time goes on and new entries will be placed at the top to be easier for those returning to check out the updates. So here goes.

A dire warning before you continue, my reviews contain spoilers


(2016) PG

The daughter of a chief goes on a mission to find the demigod Maui and force him to return a stolen heart to the Goddess Te Fiti. This movie is steeped in polynesian lore and legend, ending with an beautiful encounter with the Great Goddess.


(2007) PG-13

A stunning CGI animated movie that follows the viking Saga of Beowulf, his successful saving of a village from the ogre Grendal. Then he becomes king after a lurid affair with the ogre's mother, only to have his life and his people fall victim to the offspring of his unnatural union.

Dinosaur Train

(2009-) G

A very educational show as can be expected from PBS. This show consist of a dinosaur family that takes learning field trips on the time traveling Dinosaur Train, a very ridiculous aspect of the show but it's easily forgiven. But the dinosaurs celebrate the Winter and Summer Solstices, which is very refreshing for us Pagan parents trying to provide our children entertainment that supports the normalization of Pagan holidays.

Vic The Viking

(2015-) PG

While I haven't seen the movie, my children have been watching the TV series. It's a pretty good series so far and it warms my heart to see an honest to Goddess, Positive portrayal of Druids. And FINALLY, a show that not only allows their characters celebrate Yule, they actually say it.

The Last Keepers

(2013) PG-13

I am simply blown away by this movie. It's about time Witches and Pagans receive a movie that is made like this. For far too long has christianity held a monopoly on movies about Family, Faith, Morals and God.... and then here comes this movie that turns the tables and shows that Wiccan families can be highly moral people of strong family and devout faith.
The movie launches with a Burning Times scene which totally misleads you into expecting yet another Witchcraft movie along the lines of Teen Witch. But in the end of the next scene I was shocked, truly shocked. After we are introduced to the family members (which include an amazing father figure played by Aidan Quinn) we are treated to the family PRAYING TO THE GODDESS at the dinner table. And not some Hollywood version either, This is legit praying just as any Pagan family would in the real world. Later in the movie the family celebrates Mabon together by dressing, walking out into nature and collecting items for offerings, walking the spiral around their family altar and as a family give their offerings to the Goddess and Sun God in what is one of the most beautiful rituals I have ever seen on screen.
The story of this movie is just as great. It revolves around the teen daughter of the family Rhea, who is coming of age and learning to deal with being different from the other kids in school as well as being on the verge of discovering that she has magical powers that go beyond standard magic. But unlike the Hollywood paradigm of [Teen inherits powers, teen abuses powers for fun/self gain, teen learns powers are bad and it's better to live without] this story holds the powers her family has as being amazing gifts used to help the world. Her family has a long standing prophecy that a child born to a member who has all three powers will be "The Blessed One", a new savior of both Nature and mankind. One who will heal the Earth and bridge the unnatural gap between man and the world. Dare I say "Messiah". No wonder Walmart never stocked this movie on their shelves. (Don't worry, there's plenty of copies of blood filled violent movies to still be found there.)
Rhea's faith is tested after some local punks commit a most heinous hate crime against her family on Samhain by burning a Witch doll on their lawn and killing one of her pet goats and writing "Witch" with its blood on her car. Wishing to be normal and refusing the signs that she has two of the three gifts, and may just be the one prophesized, pushes her to self destructive behavior. She starts hanging around the cool normal(christian) kids who get her into drinking, partying, promiscuous behavior and while the movie doesn't show it, you can guess some drug use is in there too. Eventually the partying causes a tragedy for her clique and it shocks her into realizing who she is and remembering her faith. She gains her third power of healing and heals all the kids harmed in the tragedy. She returns home to her family, ready to carry on the traditions of her family and the will of the Goddess.

There is one gripe I have to inject here. This movie was nearly ruined by the over use of profanity by the bullies and her friend Nika, who is a walking racial stereotype. She's asian, she's a nerd, she's super smart, and she loves talking street. "Whud up ho?" and "Later bitch." Just because some of the serious situations that are valuable to the story get you a PG-13 rating doesn't mean you have free license to just fill up the dialogue with brash language. All you doing is nocking you film's class level down a peg.

The foul language aside, this movie is beautifully filmed with vibrant colors and an amazing soundtrack featuring music from real Pagan artist. This is a wholesome family movie with an amazing message. I really hope to see much more movies like this in the future (hopefully with less brash language so parents with younger children can watch too.)


(1995) R

Yes, Mel Gibson. Before he went off the deep end making anti-Semitic christian propaganda he starred in many awesome movies like this. It's the dramatic adaptation of the real-life William Wallace. A Scottish warrior who fought against the christian tyranny of the English. While his own tribe was forced into christianity by the tyrannical government controlling the people, they still held reverence for the ancient Celts and the ways of the Druids. A great example of this was a funeral scene where pipers played "Forbidden songs on forbidden pipes." The melodies played and the instruments they were played on were 100% Pagan. The severe Pagan elements in this film were well suppressed but present none the less.

The Fairies

(2005-2009) G

What a beautiful show for children. This has been on Netflix and is now available in stores on DVD. This TV show follows of the Fairies in their magical world. Their day-to-day lives consist of singing to wake up the plants and flowers and dancing in the fairy rings children make for them. One of the greatest praises this show has received is its complete lack of an antagonist. There's no evil or negativity. The biggest problem facing their world is eating so much delicious pancakes you can't eat anymore. This show provides tons of songs and dances for children to learn and features a cast of the most likeable characters you would love to meet.

Charlotte's Web

(1973) G

This family classic is embedded with Pagan values right to the core. It deals with friendship, love and kindness to animals. All through the film we are shown the turning of the seasons of the Year Wheel. It presents the little girl Fern (Nice Pagan name) coming of age and passing into womanhood. The Spider Charlotte presents life, death and rebirth by sacrificing herself to carry on through her children for in her death she is reborn. All this is set on a farm where humans live in complete synchronicity with nature.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

(2012) PG-13

What can I say about this movie and it's reasons for qualifying in this list that I haven't already said about Lord Of The Rings? This prequel to Lord Of The Rings is an epic and beautiful movie no less in quality we can expect from its creator. Again we are brought along side a band of heroes wrought with Pagan values of friendship, loyalty, truth, honor and perseverance in the face of adversity on their quest through a world of magic.


(1987) R

By now you know I'm not adding horror movies unless there's good reason. This film is your standard B-horror movie from the 80's that I felt did a great job in its time for special effects, very much like Full Moon's Puppet Master franchise. It's the story of two groups of people getting stranded in an old mansion owned by an old toy making couple. The house is full of Victorian dolls and it isn't long before people start getting killed in the dark halls of the house. But it's the ending of the film, its moral element that surprised even me. In the climax of the story we find out that the old couple are Witches… now hold on. (I know, I know, another stinkin' movie where Witches are using magic to kill people for nefarious reasons.) But the real twist is by the time the word "Witch" is even invoked, you have learned that the dolls are only killing wicked and evil people who have earned their fate. We even find out that the old couple of Witches are actually benevolent and loving people seeking to make the world a better place via their magical powers. In the end they demonstrate a pure and kind hearted nature that is so touching and heart warming you feel guilty you ever thought ill of them in the first place.

John Carter

(2012) PG-13

OK, so this is more of a sci-fi movie than anything else. But it was a fairly good flick and the cultures on Mars worships “The Goddess” who is represented by the Earth. And to hear that from a Disney movie is out of the norm.


(2009) R

Wow, just WOW! Here's a film that shows the exile and persecution of Pagans from the late Roman empire(as well as Jews) at the hands of the newly born cult of Christianity. You get to witness the destruction of the library of Alexandria and the desecration of the Agora at the hands of early christians who operated in a pack-mantality. It's an in-depth story that (contrary to what the movie's description says) follows not a slave-turned-christian, but the beautiful Hypatia (Rachel Weisz),a Pagan philosopher who is on the discovery that the world is in deed not flat…. Nor is it the center of the universe. Even as the entire world seems to be collapsing about her, she still can't let go of her obsession to unveil the truth of the cosmos. She's also unwittingly torn between two men. The new emperor who adores her, and one of her former slaves (who just became a christian) who himself is torn between his desire for her, and his new found religion that dictates he must murder her for being a Witch. Even though the marketers of the film try to distance the character of Hypatia from any faith disposition, after watching the film it's clear to see she still remains loyal to her Pagan teachings, even in the face of certain death.

The Wizards Of Waverly Place

(2007) PG

This film is Disney's knock-off of Harry Potter except that they have made sure to write out any use of the word "Witch" in any context (well at least it isn't being used in a negative way). Like Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Bewitched, this film also uses the premise "Beings who are magic are immortal". Aside from all this, the film is entertaining, full of acceptable special effects and is safe enough to be viewed by my 17 month old. The story is vary basic and common, a mixed magical family goes on vacation and the kids land themselves into trouble where Mom and Dad are unable to fix their mess, to which they must fix it themselves.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

(2010) PG

A far better version of a modern day Clash Of The Titans, this film is more oriented towards children and young teens, hence it being a PG film. Through all the hokey writing that invented a camp for "special kids" and the badly choreographed fighting, the film holds true to its predecessors like Jason and the Argonauts and softly carries the message that the Gods of ancient Greece are still active and in charge. It's a shame that films in this genre promote the ideal that this is all "myth", but this film does the opposite. Some day maybe the mainstream religions of today will be what's referred to as myths.

Mist Of Avalon

(2001) NA

Popular book turned film, this movie is possibly the single most important movie for any Pagan family movie collection. This film shows a more realistic version of the King Arthur story and glorifies in very accurate account, all Goddess worship. It even accurately depicts the acceptance the Old Religion had towards the new religion of christianity, and how christianity down trotted the Goddess. The morals found in this story are terrific and attest to the purveyance of Goddess no matter how the new religion tries to destroy it. If biblical stories can be claimed to be true history, then I formally decree this story to be the absolute truth and is a chapter direct from the Witches Gospel. THIS is the greatest story ever told.

Witchfinder General

(1968) NA

You never go wrong with Vincent Price. Also titled "Conqueror Worm", It's about a Witchfinder who's brutal job is to force confessions out of all who are suspected of being Witches. Nothing short of Nazi Germany's Gestapo. This movie is included in this list because it shows the true persecution of Witches in Europe during the middle ages and all the horrors they had to endure. Anti-Pagan groups like to say "None of them were really Witches" but back then all citizens were automatically deemed christians by the church… and if you didn't agree, you were put to death.

Clash Of The Titans

(1981) PG

The classics never die. A hero born of the Gods, just as many others, embarks on a quest to win the princess Andromeda, save the city of Joppa and claim it's throne. You don't get more Pagan that the Old Gods of Greece. In 2010 a remake of this movie was shown in theatres but it lacked the luster and positive message this film has. Here the movie followed the actual Greek legends where Gods are portrayed as being of emotions that shift, but still seeking man's joy and govern all with unchallengeable power. The remake portrayed them as petty, squabbling men who needed man more than man needed them.

The Good Witch

(2008) PG

This is a beautiful movie about a Witch named Cassandra who moves into a small town and sets up a Wicca shop. She begins right away with helping people starting with the local sheriff's children. Naturally she is immediately persecuted by the mayor's wife, Martha, who also heads the town christian civic league. Martha conspires to hurt Cassandra every way she can and uses her political pull to achieve it. Cassandra maintains a serene nature through it all, even after Martha's sons destroy her shop. In the end the true villain is realized by all, leaving Cassandra to continue her new life in the town as a peaceful and loved member. This is a fantastic movie for the whole family that portrays Witches in a loving and caring nature with strong family values and close, understanding friendships.

Black Death

(2010) R

I was on the fence about adding this one to this list but the depiction of the persecution of Witches, especially during the bubonic plague, was all too powerful to pass off. In this film you see the cruelty handed to people who didn't except christianity and continue to practice the old ways. Although I was disappointed by the ending, I felt the Witch in this film was fully justified in lieu of the horrific treatment of her family and fellow villagers by the blood thirsty christian knights.

The Gift

(2000) R

This is a somber film about Annabelle, a widow and her two boys living in the south. A loving mother, good friend to the local woman and sympathetic ear to local lunatic, Buddy, She makes her living doing card readings and uses her psychic ability to help solve a murder case involving Donnie, a highly abusive and dangerous christian extremist who persecutes, stalks and threatens the lives of her and her children for being a Witch. While she never owns up to the title in the movie, she neither denies it. This is because Witches are so persecuted in the bible belt that coming out of the broom closet would have lead more people like Donnie to attack her as well. In the end her psychic ability(and a little help from the beyond) brings the murder to justice.


(2005) PG13

Secretly a sequel to the successful TV series that ran from 1964-1972, this film and the inspiring series belong in this list for the groundbreaking work it did to fight the "evil witch" myth. As expected this story makes Witches into immortal beings(immortality is a christian obsession) and magic into complete fantasy, but the entire Bewitched franchise still provides a Witch family portrayed in a positive way, that has faith in the Craft, strong Pagan family values and strength of character. And in this movie specifically, Isabel and Jack separate after forming a love relationship due to Jack's ego and misunderstanding of Witches. But in the end love pulls through for the two.

Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark

(1988) PG13

A campy, spooky and raunchy comedy that only Elvira can deliver, this film uses the same plot as before where a woman finds out she comes from a line of Witches. Elvira inherits a house and a book of spells and potions from her Great Aunt. But the local christian civic league waste no time in persecuting her and attempt to drive her out of town. Hilarity ensues as she fights back against the underhanded christian civic league leader and her gang. But it doesn't take long before she's tied to a stake and they are holding the torch, hungry for burnt human flesh. In the end the town is saved by her powers of Witchcraft and a shape-shifting familiar, Gonk.

The Wizard Of Oz

(1939) NA

This classic film from the golden age of Hollywood was the first movie ever to depict a neutral view of Witches(albeit, a misunderstood one). While the most famous Witch in this movie is the Wicked Witch Of The West, which naturally is evil, she has a sister that plays a small(but important) role in the story, Glinda, The Good Witch Of The North(originally South). She is a beautiful, gracious and kind person with a never ending smile. She even takes the time to educate Dorothy and the audience that not all Witches are bad and she has been quoted on the bumper sticker "Are you a good Witch, or a bad Witch?".

Secrets Of The Unknown

(1988) NA

This is a rare find. You'd be lucky to find it anywhere unless they decide to release it on DVD. The photo is a scan of my own copy. This TV documentary was intended to entertain UFO, ghost and Bigfoot junkies as late-night hokey tabloid TV. (As you can see they packaged Witches with Bigfoot) But I was rather surprised with this. They interview none other than Laurie Cabot and show some of her practices. The back description shows promise and was what caused me to obtain this. "Witches have traditionally been feared, misunderstood and persecuted for their beliefs and rituals."

Season Of The Witch

(1972) R

No, Nicolas Cage is not in this film. This movie is on the fence for me. It portrays Witchcraft in a very neutral position but I added it because I felt there was elements that were redeemable. Bored housewife and new empty nester, Joan, is plagued by nightmares of masked intruders seeking to rape her. It's these nightmares that lead her to accidentally shoot her husband when he returns home unexpectedly in the middle of the night. But the fact remains that little of this aspect of the story is relevant to her newly found interest in Witchcraft. It didn't matter what the person's religion was, anyone could have made the fatal mistake. It was however, commendable that Joan dove right into the Craft and even argues that one needs to take it as something more than "fun and games". One thing I applauded this film for is it shows a true Gardnerian initiation ritual.


(1982) PG

When a barrage of strange paranormal events threaten the Freeling family, they enlist the help of paranormal investigators who also bring in a clairvoyant, Tangina. I included this film in the list because paranormal investigation and clairvoyance is by its very definition, necromancy. It also borders on alchemy. Communing with the dead is a practice that has long been around since the dawn of man, and has also been shunned by christianity and deemed "blasphemous", "evil" and my favorite "satanic". But Paganism on the other hand freely excepts this practice and reveres it as a practice no more evil than praying. And even after Diana Freeling prays christian prayers, it was necromancy that answered.

Poltergeist 2

(1986) PG13

The Freelings are being bothered once again by the malevolent forces that seek to steel their youngest daughter, Carol Anne. This time the poltergeist manifest itself as the doomed death cult leader Kane. And who does the family call on to aid them? The native American Shaman, Tylor. We learned that Kane lead a whole christian congregation to commit mass suicide because of biblical prophesy. As he walks about he continually repeats his catch phrase "God is in his holy temple." And like a pedophile priest, stalks the little girl. It was through Shamanism that the family is once again reunited and the evil dispelled.

Lord Of The Rings

(2001) PG13

I almost didn't include this movie in this list because there's almost no religious aspect to it. I did include it however in the fact that magic is a huge factor in this film as well as both the Elves and Hobbits depict the ideal Pagan lifestyle of simplicity, closeness to nature and reverence to magic. The only remote christian element in this film, Boromir, was easily corrupted and in his end, betrayed the fellowship.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

(1996) G

This is the film that was quickly turned into a TV series. Unlike it's predecessor Teen Witch, this similar story ends with Sabrina embracing the Craft and living life to the fullest. It was refreshing to not see Witchcraft shown as some family secret that should be cast aside and avoided, but instead taken to heart and loved. It was most likely this aspect that lead to the series great success, as well as being the target of every anti-Pagan group in the world.

Scooby-Doo And The Goblin King

(2008) G

Yet another Scooby-Doo movie that's great for the whole family. This one is included in this list because it doesn't just portray Witches in a positive way, it shows all of Samhain(real and fantasy) as a good thing. At first all the characters associated with Samhain are made out to be malevolent, but time proves they are far from it and even shown to be polite and helpful beings that aid our heroes, Scooby and Shaggy, in their quest.


(2009) PG13

You better believe it. This film was widely attacked by anti-Pagan groups because it depicted Earth worship in a positive way… and this film did just that. While it never mentions or eludes to any Pagan beliefs, it demonstrates all the philosophies and morals held by Pagans with the message that we are all interconnected with each other and what effects one, effects the all. It also teaches a deep respect for family, faith and our closeness with the divine that inhabits us all and everything around us.

Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost

(1999) NR

Hey, it's Scooby-Doo so you know it's good for the whole family. This is the first time that a family movie depicted Wicca in not only a positive way, but 99.9% accurate. I personally was floored when I saw this film. My main gripe was they still felt they had to pull back an "evil Witch" protagonist just to pander to the anti-Pagan parents who no doubt would send death threats to Warner Bros. The fact they had to make a separation between Wicca and Witch was offensive but forgivable since the film still had a good story, strong Wiccan characters of good taste and entertainment for the whole family so long as parents are there to council their children on the "evil Witch" issue.

In Search Of Lovecraft

(2008) NR

This is your run of the mill low budget occult film based on H.P. Lovecraft. The acting is just bad, very bad. The special effects are worse that I could do on my laptop. BUT the story is original and the film remains entertaining. This movie lands on this list for one major factor, the character Keja is a Witch and she's a hero. Being a Lovecraftian story, it's destined to not have a happy ending but that doesn't stop Keja from casting a circle and using magic to fight the evil that no cross would make flinch. Her character is a mild mannered woman with a seductive demeanor , but she refrains from coming off a "trashy".

Teen Witch

(1989) PG13

This is a nice, quirky film about a teenage girl who discovers she's a witch. This is actually the basis for the movie turned TV show, Sabrina The Teenage Witch. While Witches are depicted as common friendly folk and there is no evil element to Witchcraft in this film whatsoever, it is a disappointment that they make Witches immortal(immortality is a christian obsession) and in the end, she decides to no longer use Witchcraft and attempt to live life without it... bummer.

Practical Magic

(1998) PG13

This is a beautiful movie that truly depicts Witches in a positive way, and with strong family values. It's the story of the strength of love between the members of a Witch family. The story circles around two sisters who share a strong bond that overcomes the abuse of a bad boyfriend as well as finding love once again after being widowed. It's good to see a movie that shows an extended Witch family where the children are given love and the family's laughter and happiness is shared at all times of day and night… all under Faith in the Craft.

Rawhead Rex

(1986) R

This film is your typical gore film set in Ireland and starring an ancient evil monster from hell named "Rawhead" that can not be killed… but will quickly kill and decapitate you. The only way to stop his bloodlust and send him back to his prison is to obtain a relic statue of The Goddess Gaia. The power of the Goddess's new life flows out and drives him and his evil back underground. But beware of his minion, a christian priest who has sworn allegiance to the beast.

The Harry Potter Saga

(2001-2011) G - PG13

Yes, yes I know. Once again some of my fellow Pagans will raise an eyebrow at me including these films in this list but you can't deny how elegant and positive these films portray Witches(and Wizards) and all kind of magic folk. Yes these films are fantastic and hold almost no accuracy to real Witchcraft and magic, but the same holds true in many christian endorsed films like "The Ten Commandments" and "The Bible, In The Beginning". My issue is this film depicting the children celebrating christmas instead of Yule, the true holiday they are celebrating. The point is these films are beautiful, even in their darkest moments and has such an uplifting message that is delivered through the Craft.

The Craft

(1996) R

Ok, Ok, my fellow Pagans will scoff at me for including this film in this list. But the fact remains that this list isn't on how accurate or fantasized the power of magic is, this film does provide a realistic portrayal of Witchcraft in that it can also be used for good and healing. Through faith in Witchcraft, Bonnie's scars are healed and Sarah is able to right the wrongs made by those who were abusing their gifts. The heroine IS a Witch and comes out triumphant in the end. This has to count for something and it was this movie that first brought Wicca into the mainstream light.